Go Digital – The Paperless Office

Go paperless.

(For real

this time.)

It’s time for your new (digital) office.

Is your business feeling stuck? We work to connect your brick & mortar presence to your digital marketing, level up your growth, and to improve your business workflows.

We love working with small businesses to find new solutions to old problems. Want your email and files in the cloud? Still having trouble with video calls? Or how about really going paperless?

For over 10 years we have worked with small businesses in a variety of industries to solve real problems that hold you back from your full potential.

SSP Media - Go digital - the paperless office

Less paper, less clutter, less waste.

We’ve always talked about the paperless office, but how many of us have managed? Ditching paper isn’t easy, but cutting down on paper, waste, and clutter in your office is possible.

We have worked with clients in both the private and non-profit sectors to move to electronic signatures, cloud storage, electronic record keeping, work order management and more so that they can focus on what they do best: run their business.

Our team will review your needs to see where we can cut (or even eliminate!) the paper in your office.

We also help to transform your office: we can migrate your email and apps to the cloud, create secure file sharing and other great tools to help you work better, and work from anywhere.

Work better, hybrid or full-remote, without losing productivity.

SSP Media - new business ideas

Preferred Cloud Solutions:

Here are our preferred solutions for building a digital office.

Google Workspace: 

Get gmail ending in @yourdomain.com that works on your mobile devices, computers and is accessible everywhere, along with secure file sharing and cloud storage.

Non-profits: ask us how you can get your service for FREE.

Office 365: 

Get Microsoft Outlook email ending in @yourdomain.com that works on mobile decives, computers and is accessible everywhere, PLUS Microsoft Office apps.

Non-profits: ask us how you can get your service for FREE.


Looking to promote an event, charity draw or special product launch?  We will design something that looks great in both digital and print formats.

Web Apps

We can help you to find or develop a web app to meet other internal needs not covered by typical email, cloud storage, and document handling solutions.

Typical Costs

Costs are quoted after carrying out an initial needs assessment and migration plan, which typically starts at $5,000.

Book a Free 30-Minute Consultation to Discuss Your Project:

Our Services:

SSP Media - website design services

Web & App Design

We build great looking, secure and fast websites using WordPress.  Our packages include hosting, security and base SEO.  We make sure that your site will rank well with Google and your customers.

Need more than a simple site? Our team can build high-performing web apps to help you drive business growth, using proven open-source technologies.

Our current clients include eCommerce, financial services, entertainment and retail businesses.

Web Design Services

SSP Media - artwork services

Visual Storytelling

We work with a team of artists to help visualize your brand and story.  Promotional art, product art, and even comic book art are just some of the projects that we have created for our clients.

Visual Storytelling & Artwork

SSP Media - Digital Marketing and social media management services

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is more than just posting to facebook. We work to help build an engaged following by helping you setup social profiles, email campaigns, and more.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital Business Strategy

We work with our clients to connect their brick & mortar presence to their digital marketing efforts.

Are you a digital only business? No problem, we have you covered as well, and can help you get your business to the next level.

Digital Business Strategy

SSP Media - branding and identity design services

Branding & Brand Identity

We work with our clients to update their branding, and ensure consistency across print and digital media.  Our team works with you to create not only the brand assets, but style and reference guides to make sure that your brand is properly represented.

Branding & Brand Identity

SSP Media - Go digital - the paperless office

Go Digital – The Paperless Office

Going paperless shouldn’t be a dream; we have worked with clients in a variety of sectors to help them select apps and build workflows to help them move to a purely digital environment.

Go Paperless

SSP Media - Editing and copywriting services - 600px

Content, Copywriting, Publishing & Editing

We write clear, easy to understand content that helps get your message out to your customers.  Whether you need print copy, or you need text that ranks well with google, we have you covered.

Content & Writing Services