As a web development firm, we constantly need to be researching, testing and evaluating new technologies and how these can transform into solutions.

These days we have to worry about blockchain, #fakenews, security intrusions and so much more, but many of these items still don’t impact the majority of small businesses.

One of the items that our team spends the most time on are reviewing different CMS (Content Management Systems) that could be deployed to serve the typical small business. When we say the typical small business, generally these are companies with 50 or less employees, with websites that are not tied to complicated database/intranet type functions, or which are used to power apps. Really these are websites that generally serve as the forward facing part of the organization’s web presence.

Now, while these sites may not do anything terribly fancy from a technical standpoint, they are visually appealing, play nice on a variety of devices, and form a core part of the overall marketing strategy.

With so many option likes Wix, Weebly, point and click builders, and even Google’s machine built websites, not to mention the future possibility of AI building your company’s web presence, why would you anyone jump into using something like WordPress? Whether you are using an out of date website, looking to launch your first site, or are just doing some initial research, here are a few points to consider:

1. Reliability

WordPress Logo

The last thing any small business owner or manager needs to hear from a customer is that “Your website is down” or “The contact form on your site doesn’t work”. WordPress isn’t perfect, but it powers nearly ONE-QUARTER of the Internet’s web pages. With approximately 1.3 Billion pages in existence, WordPress helps the majority of the Internet to just work. If it’s good enough for high volume sites like The New Yorker, it will probably do just fine for you.

2. Features

WordPress began as a blogging platform, but is now used to do some really cool, really crazy things. Personally, our firm built v1 of a business planning app in WordPress, uses it to power Realms of Adventure LARP (a great Live Action RPG), and to drive SocEnt Magazine – a news site for social enterpreneurs & social enterprise. This is achieved through the use of plugins (of which many exist), or where needed, by writing custom code. Either way, for the typical small business, there is very little that WordPress can’t do.

3. Design


Nobody wants a website that is difficult to use, creates a poor user experience, or is just plain ugly. If you’re hearing the dreaded “Your site looks like it’s from the 90’s and won’t work on my iPhone” don’t panic – WordPress has thousands of themes to choose from, and customization is always possible.

Overall, your website needs to be something that your company is proud of. If this isn’t the case, contact us to get started on the great website that you and your customers deserve.