We are your complete

Marketing Agency

Whether you need a new website, or a completely new strategy, we can connect your digital and brick & mortar campaigns to grow your business and improve customer satisfaction.

How We Help Businesses to Grow

We work with great businesses and non-profits to help them achieve their business goals through digital marketing and business process improvement.

Web Design

We create beautiful, fast and secure websites using WordPress.  Google loves our sites, and you will too.

Visual Storytelling

Tell your story with great video, promotional art, and in graphic format to catch greater attention.

Digital Marketing

Not sure what to post to facebook, or how twitter works? Too busy for instagram? We can help.

Digital Business Strategy

Is your business feeling stuck, or do you need that little bit extra push to hit the next level? Start here.

Brand Identity

Need to update your brand and look? Get the logo, story and messaging that will connect with your customers.

Go Digital

Transform your operations. Go paperless – really paperless, imrpove your workflows, and run a better business.

Website Design

We develop great looking WordPress based sites that not only perform well, but that have maximum performance and uptime. Our mobile friendly sites will score well with Google and your customers.

Email & Social Media Marketing

We create strategies to help you establish and grow your social media prescence, and to reach your customers with better communication.

Digital Business Strategy

We help you develop complete strategies that connect your brick & mortar operations to your digital marketing. Boost your sales and create a better customer experience.

Visual Storytelling

A picture is worth a thousand words. Our artists can create unique promotional and story based art for your brand.

Go Digital, Go Paperless

Get rid of paper for good (yes, for real this time!).  We can create the processes and implement the apps that will help you get rid of paper once and for all. You’re welcome.

Branding & Brand Identity

Need help updating your brand? We can help you build a fresh, appealing look to use in both print and digital media.

Content Writing & Editing

We write clear, easy to understand content that helps get your message out to your customers. Whether you need print copy, or you need text that ranks well with google, we have you covered.

We create new solutions to old problems.

Is your business feeling stuck? Let our team work with you to level up your marketing, connect your digital and brick & mortar strategies, and to improve your business workflows.

SSP Media - experience and new business ideas

We Understand Small Business.

For over 15 years we have seen the same opportunities, challenges and struggles that your business has faced.  That is the experience that we bring to each and every project.

Projects & Clients

Here’s just some of the great companies and brands that we have worked with.

SSP Media - My Candy Crate Logo - 600px
SSP Media - RDFS Logo
SSP Media - branding portfolio - the gen x gamer logo 600px
SSP Media - The Stork Bag logo 600px

Our Skills

We leverage a team of experts and a variety of skills to bring each project to life.  Artists, developers, marketers and business experts are here to help you grow.

Each project is unique, but we are confident that we have the skillset that you need to achieve project success.

  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Visual Storytelling

We specialize in working with amazing small companies and non-profits to help them grow and succeed.

Mobile (and Google) Friendly Design.

We work with you to create a great design for your brand that looks great on desktops, iPad and smartphones.  Not only will your customers love it, but Google will too.





SSP Media - mobile responsive web design

Let’s Get Started on Something NEW

Whether you need a new website, social media management, to create an app, or to (finally!) go paperless, we can help.