Why E-mail Still Matters – Part Two

Hopefully you’ve read part 1 of this article, which is available here.  We’ve covered some of the benefits of E-Mail marketing, which I’ll quickly recap: Email marketing is personalized It avoids the toxicity associated with Social Media You can offer free, automated incentives for new signups You can offer discounts and other perks to existing… Continue reading Why E-mail Still Matters – Part Two

Why E-Mail Still Matters.

With the global pandemic in full swing, many companies and digital marketers are flocking to their social media of choice, and often boosting facebook posts in hopes of generating more quality leads.  Even though our business reality has changed, some of the classic tools still work – and E-Mail is still important to any digital… Continue reading Why E-Mail Still Matters.

Why You Need to Get Rid of Windows 7 – NOW.

Windows 7 is probably Microsoft’s best release ever.  After a few core updates, it was liked by consumers and IT managers alike. It provided stability, performance, a wide range of hardware and software support, and best of all – it just worked.  When Windows 10 was launched, one of its biggest detriments was that it… Continue reading Why You Need to Get Rid of Windows 7 – NOW.