Is Zoom Overwhelming? Try Google Meet.

COVID-19 has forced many of us to shift meetings to video conferencing and other virtual means (sure, some of us still use the phone, but that’s no fun!).  However, Zoom does have a few quirks that drive its users crazy, and is a big target for hackers.  Nonprofits and governments have been especially targeted, having important meetings interrupted with memes, and even lewd content.  All of this might be enough to get you to reconsider using Zoom, so maybe now is the time to consider Google Meet.

Google Meet is a feaature included for all GSuite users, and provides a well perfoming, easy to use videoconference solution.  While not as popular as Zoom or MS Teams, Google Meet delivers on performance and ease of use. Here’s a few highlights:

  • easy invites and Google calendar integration
  • works great on a variety of devices
  • Internet down? No worries, just call in and go old school
  • Low learning curve
  • Screen sharing and presentation features

Setting up an initial Google Meet is a piece of cake; just go to your Google Calendar (yes, you can use the app on your phone too) and add invitees. By default, Google Meet video conferencing is added.  Just create the event, if you receive a dialog box asking if you want to send invite details out, just say Yes and that’s it.  Your meeting is all set!

Have you ever had to add multiple last minute guests to a Zoom meeting?  It happens to us all the time, and its not particularly fun, especially on a mobile device.  If you’re a GSuite user, its super simple; just go to your event in your calendar and invite more people.  It’s quick and easy, and the invitee does not require a Google account to join.  

Hold enough meetings, or a large enough one, and you’ll inevitably run into someone who can’t hear you, whose microphone doesn’t work, etc… Just have the participant phone in.  In no time, they will be able to fully participate, and your meeting is free to continue.

Google Meet. might not be for everyone, but its a great alternative to have in your back pocket, especially if you are as GSuite user, as it is already included in your fees.

As always, if you have any questions about video conferencing, GSuite or other pandemic solutions, get in touch.