With the global pandemic in full swing, many companies and digital marketers are flocking to their social media of choice, and often boosting facebook posts in hopes of generating more quality leads.  Even though our business reality has changed, some of the classic tools still work – and E-Mail is still important to any digital marketing strategy.

For many users, social media has become toxic, contributing to anxiety and social isolation (yes, social media can make some us lonely!). Social Media can become a battleground for conflicting political and religious ideals, and generally is a place that is great for arguing or for attracting trolls. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a focused and personalized way to reach out to your customers without them stepping into a potential minefield?

This is where E-Mail comes into play.  E-Mail newsletters still have great open rates, and if they are well crafted and genuine, should bypass most spam filters.  There are never guarantees, but the chance of a customer seeing your email is much higher than some random stranger clicking on a boosted facebook post.

E-mail is more than just personalized communication; it is a great tool to entice new customers, or to reward loyal ones.  Here are a few ideas for E-Mail newsletter incentives.  Just remember that you should always have consent from whoever you are emailing, as being respectful of a contact’s privacy, as well as local anti-spam laws, is key.

  1. Incentives for new subscribers

This is an easy, automated and powerful sales tool.  We’ve all seen it, and likely all given in at some point: sign up for our newsletter and receive a FREE ebook!  This is a great way to grow your email list, and collect consent in an automated manner.  It works quite well, and allows you to do a quick intro and thank you to. new subscribers automatically.  Want to see an example?  Check out the Lucha Comics E-Mail newsletter here, where you can receive a free digital comic book.

  1. Rewards for existing subscribers

If you are running an ecommerce site and want to offer a discount, or want to offer a free service (such as a financial portfolio or IT services review) then your newsletter can be a great way to offer this bonus to your subscribers. For example, you could send out a Halloween coupon such as “OCT20 for 20% off your next order!” to existing subscribers.  Deals like these keep people reading your newsletters!

  1. Letting your clients know that you are stil out there and that you care

E-Mail doesn’t always have to be about asking for a sale: letting your clients know that you are out there, still in business, and that you are taking the time to reach them is just as valuable.  Messages like these can help start new conversations, and are a valuable customer retention tool.

So, now you’ve committed to ethically collecting email addresses, and to consistently write an E-Mail newsletter.  What’s next?  Setting up an E-Mail workflow and finding the right solution – which we’ll cover in Part 2 of this article.  Be sure to read it, and to reach out with any questions.